SL1 and BL4 Guidelines

A comprehensive and community-supported repository on how the Dark Souls Discord server manages SL1/BL4 runs and their numerous variations.

This project is maintained by Qizzok

Soulsborne SL1/BL4 Guidelines

Roles are obtainable for all Soulsborne games. Click the list below to go to the different game guidelines.

Dark Souls: Remastered and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin have the same requirements as Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. All are allowed.

Banned Criteria

Proof for SL1 Champion of Dark Souls I, II or III | SL1 Slayer of Demon’s Souls | BL4 Good Hunter of Bloodborne

You need to beat all boss fights -including DLCs- then show proof.

You have two choices in order to show proof:

If you used any boss souls for items, show them as well for proof. It is strongly recommended to not use boss souls just for souls, as you are effectively destroying your own SL1 proof.

Proof for SL1 Legend of Dark Souls I, II or III | SL1 Monumental of Demon’s Souls | BL4 Great One of Bloodborne

Legends runs are SL1 runs with one or more handicaps to make it harder. Check the games’ pages for a list of what counts, and what doesn’t. If you have any doubt, ask the server mods.

To prove and verify this challenge, you need to beat and record/stream all boss fights -including DLCs*- no matter what. It is also recommended to start recordings before you enter the boss fog. A recording where the fight is ongoing and the boss has lost significant health or has advanced through phases will not be accepted, and consequently disqualified. At some point in your recording, you must show your stats and equipment. Not doing so may require you to redo fights.

If you are streaming or recording an entire run (start to finish), please provide timestamps as the mods are expecting to check boss kills. Not taking the time to do so will just cause the verification to have a longer wait.

* Unless you are going for a run with the typical ‘Any%’ rule set. This is only applicable to speedrunning.

Speediest Roles

You can obtain a special role if you are the fastest player in the server to complete a SL1 or BL4 run in any of the games -all bosses-. However, if someone beats your time, you will lose the role.

Speediest Players Hall of Fame

Demon’s Souls Unsafekibble716 (unsafekibble716#1208) 2:19:54
Dark Souls I Evoryn (Evoryn#4281) 3:48:37 - Remastered
Dark Souls II N/A N/A
Dark Souls III Decc (decc#0001) 1:34:54
Bloodborne N/A N/A

Since there is not a time set for DS2 or BB, any time quicker than 4:00:00 for BB will count. For DS2, any time quicker than 7:00:00 will count.

Decc did his speedrun prior to the Ringed City DLC. The role is up for grabs for the first person to do all bosses including the aforementioned DLC in less than 2:10:00.

These are 100% independent from legendary runs. Check this link for help and information on speedrunning.