SL1 and BL4 Guidelines

A comprehensive and community-supported repository on how the Dark Souls Discord server manages SL1/BL4 runs and their numerous variations.

This project is maintained by Qizzok

Soulsborne SL1/BL4 Guidelines

Roles are obtainable for all Soulsborne games. Click the list below to go to the different game guidelines (or Index).

Dark Souls II and the Scholar of the First Sin edition are both allowed and have the same requirements.

Please remember to check necessary global requirements (e.g. recording for a legend run). Read the Index page.

DS2 & DS2:SotFS - SL1 Requirements

For SL1 Champion we require all bosses to be defeated with screenshots/videos of the following:

Vendrick has to be included.

If you used any boss souls for items, show them as well for proof. It is strongly recommended to not use boss souls just for souls, as you are effectively destroying your own SL1 proof.

DS2 & DS2:SotFS - SL1 Resources

Advices provided by Xerieh:

  1. Use Dagger until having the Mace available. Then, use Mace until obtaining Rapier. Combine Rapier with Cale’s Helm and Work Hook.
  2. Go to the start of the Iron King DLC as soon as possible so you can get the Dexterity Ring. You don’t want to lose Agility if you are rolling.
  3. You can use Homunculus Mace with the Strength Ring (or Mace if you don’t have this ring) for bosses such as Dragonrider (or Twins), Smelter Demons, Mirror Knight, Ruin Sentinels, Skeleton Lords, Fume Knight, and Elana’s Velstadt/Skeletons.

Acceptable SL1 Legend Criteria

CoC means you have to be in the Company of Champions covenant. Ignore this requirement for Darklurker since it is not possible to fight it without being in the Pilgrims of Dark.

Note: For all runs, if all Loyce Knights are used against the Ivory King, you must wait for the last knight to die before engaging the boss.

SL1 Legend Banned Equipment