SL1 and BL4 Guidelines

A comprehensive and community-supported repository on how the Dark Souls Discord server manages SL1/BL4 runs and their numerous variations.

This project is maintained by Qizzok

Soulsborne SL1/BL4 Guidelines

Roles are obtainable for all Soulsborne games. Click the list below to go to the different game guidelines (or Index).

Please remember to check necessary global requirements (e.g. recording for a legend run). Read the Index page.

BB - BL4 Requirements

For BL4 Good Hunter we require all bosses to be defeated with screenshots/videos of the following:

BB - BL4 Resources

Video by ymfah showing tricks, routing and where to find upgrade materials.

Easy Chalice Gems.

Parallax’s Opinions on Bosses During BL4 NG+6:

Acceptable BL4 Great One Criteria

BL4 Great One Banned Equipment